Vulture Culture


Cat No: 7783763

1. Last Time
2. Vulture Culture
3. Nightmare
4. Viva Violent
5. Every Day
6. Hesitations
7. Kingdumb
8. Heavy Handed
9. All I Have
10. Black Rainbow
11. Slow

So much of the best art, the best music, is exorcism, primal scream, raw and brutal honesty. The act of gathering up all of your fear, paranoia, addiction, love and despair and hurling it into a microphone, ripping it out of a guitar. Just such a record is Fangclub’s second album ‘Vulture Culture’, an emotional maelstrom of violence, mental illness, suicide, social vampirism, drug overdoses and not a little romance, howled out in some of the most infectious and visceral rock music of the decade.


LP (Red Vinyl)
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Vertigo Records


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