Thomas Newman

Cat No: MOVATM273G

A1 1917 1:17
A2 Up The Down Trench 6:19
A3 Gehenna 3:34
A4 A Scrap Of Ribbon 6:29
B1 The Night Window 3:41
B2 The Boche 3:21
B3 Tripwire 1:40
B4 A Bit Of Tin 2:02
B5 Lockhouse 4:03
B6 Blake And Schofield 4:20
C1 Milk 10:10
C2 Écoust-Saint-Mein 2:36
C3 Les Arbres 3:36
C4 Engländer 4:29
D1 The Rapids 1:29
D2 Croisilles Wood 2:06
D3 Sixteen Hundred Men 6:32
D4 Mentions In Dispatches 3:44
D5 Come Back To Us 5:39


Double LP (Limited Edition Green & Silver Swirled Vinyl)
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Music On Vinyl


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