See You In The Next Life


Cat No: DEMREC871

After their huge success throughout the 90s, Suede called it a day (for the first time) in 2003. The Suede Information Service (SIS) compiled and issued this special collection of demos, acoustic versions and other curios in 2004. Only 2000 CDs were manufactured, and these were distributed free to the members of the SIS.
• Whilst some of the tracks have appeared on the Edsel reissues, several tracks, including “Elaine Paige”, the Mick Jones remix of the band’s last single “Attitude” and the live French version of “The Power” have not been reissued since 2004.
• This release also marks the first time this collection has been issued on vinyl.
side one
1. she strings
2. elaine paige
3. la puissance live
4. lazy demo
5. by the sea acoustic version
6. indian strings protocol demo 7. she’s in fashion protocol demo
side two
1. simon demo
2. beautiful loser parkgate demo
3. when the rain falls stanbridge demo 4. untitled stanbridge demo
5. attitude mick jones remix
6. still life strings


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Demon Records
Released: 05/02/2021

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