Nothing Great About Britain


Cat No: MTHDVD001

1. Nothing Great About Britain
2. Doorman
3. Dead Leaves
4. Gorgeous
5. Crack
6. Grow Up feat. Jaykae
7. Inglorious feat. Skepta
8. Toaster
9. Peace Of Mind
10. Missing
11. Northampton’s Child

slowthai knew the title of his album long before he wrote a single bar of it. He knew he wanted the record to speak candidly about his upbringing on the council estates of Northampton, and for it to advocate for community in a country increasingly mired in fear and insularity. Three years since the phrase first appeared in his breakout track ‘Jiggle’, Tyron Frampton presents his incendiary debut ‘Nothing Great About Britain’.

The album’s focal point is unquestionably the autobiographical closing track. A searing account of an upbringing informed by financial struggle and adversity, ‘Northampton’s Child’ finds Ty praising his mum’s tenacious spirit and selfless dedication to her family. Having knocked the Royals off their pedestal on the album’s opening track, here he crowns his mother as his “only Queen”, before confessing “No way I can pay you back / I just hope I can make you proud.”
Standing alongside righteous anger and hard truths, it’s this willingness to appear vulnerable that makes Ty such a compelling storyteller, and this debut a vital cultural document, testament to the healing power of music. As Ty himself explains, “Music to me is the biggest connector of people. It don’t matter what social circle you’re from, it bonds people across divides. And that’s why I do music: to bridge






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Method Records


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