The Velvet Ditch


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Kent’s favourite two-piece punk provocateurs, Slaves are back with their first new material since the release of their top-ten album, ‘Acts of Fear and Love’. The band will drop the ‘Velvet Ditch’ EP on the 19th of July.

The EP sees the band showcasing the two sides of their collective personality. Side 1 is a balls-to-the-wall display of the band’s more aggressive tendencies, ‘One More Day Won’t Hurt’ starts with a Thrash Metal-inspired riff which descends into a heavy mid-paced groove, with Isaac spitting bile over a thundering beat, while ‘It Makes Me Sick’ shows the influence of breakneck hardcore punk, such as Minor Threat, the Casualties and Discharge.

Side 2 finds the duo in a more contemplative mood. The EP’s title track has Laurie strumming out a slow, acoustic blues line while Isaac laments the commercialisation of our culture in a style akin to Baxter Dury. ‘When Will I Learn’ on the other hand is new territory, a plaintive piano ballad showing the band in a more vulnerable light.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed third top ten album, Acts of Fear and Love, last year, Isaac Holman (drums, vocals) and Laurie Vincent (guitar, vocals) have been bringing their rowdy anthems to the people in a joyous, celebration of big riffs, big beats and even bigger choruses. Following their storming Other stage performance at Glastonbury, the rest of the summer will see them smashing up festival stages across the UK, with sets at Latitude, Truck Festival and Boardmasters among others.






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