Rudies All Around

Various Artists

Cat No: HPR7CD

Atsushi and The Moisties – A Sound Of The Ska (New Zealand)
Le Birrette – Mr.A (Italy)
The Bionic Rats – No Bottles No Milk (Ireland)
Phoenix City All-stars – London Calling (England)
Masons Arms – Von Vorn (Germany)
The Rulerz – Angels With Dirty Faces (South Korea)
Miserable Man – Heart In A Fire (Italy)
The Uppertones ft Jesse Wagner Hey Cumpari (Italy/USA)
Los Aggrotones – Riding To Sonora (Argentina)
Capone & The Bullets – Das Model (Scotland)
Dan P & The Bricks – The Show (USA)
The Lions – When It Rains (USA)
The Scotch Bonnets – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (USA)
Travelers Allstars – Learned Lesson (Mexico)
Rocksteady Sporting Club – My Own Queen (Reunion Island)
Pama Intl meets Manasseh – Disobedient Dub (England)
The King Kong 4 – Profile Of A New Elite (Canada)
Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra – Balkan Dancehall (Hungary)

Ska has gone on a truly amazing journey since it’s birth in 1950’s Jamaica, constantly evolving and resonating with generation after generation. From it’s JA originators and onto rocksteady, reggae, dub, 2 Tone, skapunk and beyond, ska and all it’s wonderful overshoots have now reached all across the globe.






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Happy People
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