Cat No: SPINE842682

Side A:
1. Powder Blue
2. Agatha
3. Fig. 1 (guitar interlude)
4. Serotonin

Side B:
1. Charms
2. Fig. 2 (bass interlude)
3. Star Of The Sea
4. Letter Bom

Following the release of Puppy’s critically acclaimed debut album, The Goat, the band decided to record in Hackney’s (largely analogue) Holy Mountain Studios, around the corner from the rehearsal space where they first started making music together, to create their third EP, iii.

Musicians Jock, Will & Billy instead approached iii as a stand-alone six-tracker (plus two interludes), tackling material conceived for purpose – songs that waste no time in getting to the point, recorded quickly and essentially live to capture chemistry, spirit plus a more frayed and brutal set of sonics.



12" EP (Translucent Green Vinyl)
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Spinefarm Records
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