The Post Nearly Man

Mark E Smith

Cat No: DEMREC750

The Post Nearly Man is the debut solo album by Mark E. Smith, legendary bandleader of the Fall. Recorded in part at Pete Waterman’s studio, the album was first released in 1998 and is a mix of spoken word, sound collage, and samples of Fall music resulting in one Smith’s most experimental releases. The complete album is now released on vinyl for the very first time.

  1. The Horror in Clay
  2. Shed Segment
  3. The Caterer
  4. I’m Bobby pt 1
  5. The CD in Your Hand
  6. Enigrammatic Dream
  7. Visit of an American Poet v 1
  8. Segment
  9. Visitation of an American Poet
  10. Visitation of an American Poet v 2
  11. I’m Bobby pt 2
  12. Typewriter
  13. Dissolute Singer
  14. A Lot in a Name


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