Antics (15th Anniversary Edition)


Cat No: OLE616LP

The classic sophomore LP, available in a specialwhite vinyl pressing.

After two years of seemingly endless tours,Interpol returned in early 2004 to Peter Katis’s Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, Conn., to record their second album. They had already debuted a handful of songs earmarked for ‘Antics’ on the road: ‘Length of Love’, ‘Narc’, ‘C’mere’. Meanwhile, having revisited – and reinvented – the material from ‘Bright Lights’ night after night, they discovered new strengths. There was more room for experimentation in these songs, for toying with arrangements and intricacies of individual parts, than on their debut.

With ‘Antics’, Interpol delivered an album even more engaging than its celebrated predecessor, without sacrificing any of the depth that has made them such an important band for so many. The songs are at once catchier and more variegated, revealing themselves over time to a degree heard on few current releases, and nothing is ever obvious. Frontman Paul Banks describes,“A lot of time, there are specific topics or events that that inspire the songs, but it’s not explicit in my lyrics.”Indeed, with Interpol, things are rarely what they seem.

Next Exit



Take You On A Cruise

Slow Hands

Not Even Jail

Public Pervert


Length Of Love

A Time To Be So Small


LP (White Vinyl)
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