The Legend of 1900 (OST)

Ennio Morricone

Cat No: MOVATM110S

A1 1900’s Theme
A2 The Legend Of The Pianist
A3 The Crisis
A4 The Crave
A5 A Goodbye To Friends
A6 Study For Three Hands
A7 Playing Love
A8 A Mozart Reincarneited
A9 Child
A10 1900’s Madness #1
B1 Danny’s Blues
B2 Second Crisis
B3 Peacherine Rag
B4 Nocturne With No Moon
B5 Before The End
B6 Playing Love
B7 I Can And Then
B8 1900’s Madness #2
B9 Silent Goodbye
B10 Ships And Snow
B11 Lost Boys Calling


LP (Limited Edition Silver Vinyl)
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