Dead Poet Society

Cat No: SPINE532306

Dead Poet Society present their hotly anticipated new album ‘-!-‘.

Featuring ‘.intoodeep.’ and 2020 mixes of their hit songs ‘.burymewhole.’ and ‘American Blood’. Since the band have burst onto the scene with their genre bending fusion of alternative and rock, fans have patiently waited for the announcement of a new album and here it is. Slated for a February 12th release, this is where it all begins for a band that are sure to become the next big act in rock.

  1. -!-
  2. .futureofwar.
  3. .burymewhole.
  4. .getawayfortheweekend.
  5. American Blood
  6. .intoodeep.
  7. .georgia.
  8. -JU-
  9. I Never Loved Myself Like I Loved You
  10. .SALT.
  11. .CoDA.
  12. .loveyoulikethat.
  13. -gopi-
  14. .lovemelikeyoudo.
  15. .beenherebefore.
  16. .haunted.


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