Destiny Hotel

Cat No: ATO0537CD

Cordovas’ new album Destiny Hotel, out October 16th via ATO Records, is a work of wild poetry and wide-eyed abandon, set to a glorious collision of folk and country and groove-heavy rock-and-roll. In a major creative milestone for the Tennessee-based band-vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Joe Firstman, keyboardist Sevans Henderson, guitarist/vocalist Lucca Soria and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Toby Weaver-the album harnesses the freewheeling energy of their live show more fully than ever, all while lifting their songwriting to a whole new level of sophistication. The result is a batch of songs that ruminate and rhapsodize with equal intensity, inviting endless celebration on the way to transcendence.

1 High Feeling
2 Rain On The Rail
3 Fine Life
4 Afraid No More
5 Man In My Head
6 Destiny
7 Warm Farewells
8 The Game
9 I’ma Be Me
10 Do More Good


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