Forever Dolphin Love

Connan Mockasin

Cat No: BEC5676819

Celebrating 10th anniversary of Connan Mockasin ‘s both debut album “Forever Dolphin Love” & career, Phantasy and Because Music release new editions of long time out of stock “Forever Dolphin Love” & “Caramel” (2nd album) Lps.

  1. Megumi The Milkway Above
  2. It’s Choade My Dear
  3. Faking Jazz Together
  4. Quadropuss Island
  5. Forever Dolphin Love
  6. Muss
  7. Egon Hosford
  8. Unicorn in Uniform
  9. Grampa Moff
  10. Please Turn Me Into The Snat


LP (Splatter Vinyl)
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Because Music
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