Connan Mockasin

Cat No: BEC5676820

Celebrating 10th anniversary of Connan Mockasin ‘s both debut album “Forever Dolphin Love” & career, Phantasy and Because Music release new editions of long time out of stock “Forever Dolphin Love” & “Caramel” (2nd album) Lps.

  1. Nothing Last Forever
  2. Caramel
  3. I’m The Man , That Will Find you
  4. Do I make You Feel Shy ?
  5. Why Are You Crying ?
  6. It’s Your Body 1
  7. It’s Your Body 2
  8. It’s Your Body 3
  9. It’s Your Body 4
  10. It’s Your Body 5
  11. I Wanna Roll With You


LP (Splatter Vinyl)
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Because Music
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