Brian Eno – Another Green World

Electronic, Experimental, Ambient (Island Records 1975)

If you enjoy walking the streets with the line ‘I’ll come running to tie your shoe’, in your head, ‘Another Green World’ was made for it. Limitlessly interesting and different, I feel that this album can not really be defined as solely ambient, pop or electronic. It is probably greater than that. There is a mixture of minimalistic instrumental, elaborate electronic and floating lyrical layers. I think that it is not limited to creating a single type of mood, but that it lends itself to many. When listening outside in the sun, the music sounds bright and appears to have been made along to the movement of shadows. On the other hand, when listening inside at night, Eno’s characteristic way with synthesizers can create a snow-globe feeling of being surrounded by space and stars. Genius absurdity may be the best way to describe this album, something I think is only a good thing. I am very happy to have been introduced to this album and a very happy record owner!


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