The last month has been, well, a bit odd for us all. Since closing the doors to the physical store at 4pm on Saturday 21st March and furloughing the rest of the team (who have been awesome), I’ve been somewhat glad of the opportunity to get in the car and drive into the store and make sure that it’s still there!

I’ve also been picking and packing your orders, placing orders with suppliers to re-stock what we’ve sold etc. The support we’ve received from our regulars as well as new customers has been phenomenal – we truly appreciate it.

But other than a brief (socially distanced) chat to the postie collecting what we send out, that’s been my interaction with the outside world before driving home and spending time with the family.

It’s been great to have been so busy. There’s so much to do what with adding back catalogue to the website as well as new releases plus some rather haphazard attempts at doing the newsletter and updating social media. I think without listening to records though I would have gone rather mad (or perhaps a bit more bonkers than I am already am).

You may have seen on social media that shops are posting their #IsolationVinyl choices of the records which are their “go to” in the current environment. As a small shop, it isn’t going to take too long for us to run out of content though!

So we thought that we’d open up the opportunity for you, our lovely customers, to also share with us your #IsolationVinyl choices. The criteria is pretty simple – pick a classic from your collection and a recent / new release which you are enjoying. We’d love to see (yes a photo or two would be fab) your choices as well as a few words as to why you’ve chosen them. We will post them here on the website as well as on our social media and may also share with Record Store Day & The Square Shopping Centre. Please let us know if you’d rather we didn’t.

If you have something else creative which you’d like to contribute, send it over. We’d love to see it.

If you would like to join in, send your stuff over to blog@rockbox.co.uk.

Thanks again for your support.


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